Engagement is about helping people learn to pay better attention to each other.

Paying attention is the base of staff satisfaction initiatives, whether we recognize it or not. Staff gatherings give people a chance to talk to each other and pay attention to personality, values, and hobbies. Awards let people know someone was paying attention to them and their work. Merit increases are designed to make sure staff know the company ACKNOWLEDGES hard work.

So that is where WSS keeps its focus. We don’t do personality tests. We don’t have high-tier systems that are supposed to be the miracle cure for your engagement problems. You don’t need them. Because the reason they work is simple; they help you pay attention. 

But paying attention day in and day out is difficult work. It requires constant reminders of what you already know, refocusing, accountability, and a confidence that keeps you from following every fad promising to make your engagement work easier. But it's worth it.