Lanet is a very capable speaker, and was engaging with our audience. She was flexible and willing to work with our time-frame, and even appeared via webinar to be accessible to the most people! She has great insight into working with millennials, and I was glad to bring her to our audience.
— Wendy S, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque
Lanet Hane is a top-notch professional. Her intentionality and personable nature allow her to make natural connections with whatever demographic she’s engaging. Her attention to detail and group facilitation skills draw groups towards meaningful conclusions, leading to more creative and energizing problem solving. Her time with a team is impactful and energizing.
— Hart O, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities
One of the first conversations I had with Lanet was regarding presentation styles. She brought to my attention that slide decks were her least favorite way to learn new information, that speakers should be engaging and not need slides or handouts in order to capture an audience. She explained that her generation has spent years in classrooms staring at slides. It was a light bulb moment for me. The conversation continued to hearing more about her business and her emphasis on millennial employee engagement. Naturally, I asked her to speak at our co-working locations. She was engaging, thoughtful and created several insights regarding aspects of engagement that have changed due the times, not necessarily age. I would highly recommend Lanet as a speaker or consultant. She has an uncanny way of connecting with an audience and receiving 100% participation.
— -Jill Rywelski, The Reserve
Lanet Hane is a dedicated and diligent colleague. She knows how a workplace should function and can find a way to help you get there.
— Rev. Harlan VanOort, City Church Denver
Lanet can observe interactions between people and/or work processes in action, diagnose the communication or relationship problem, and come up with a creative solution that makes sense. Her life and occupation experiences have given her a unique depth of understanding of relationship and productivity issues and the ability to resolve them.
— Rachel, higher education professional
Lanet is truly dedicated to her work as a non-profit professional. It has been a pleasure working with her over the past two years and has been an asset to Iowa Campus Compact since joining the AmeriCorps VISTA program. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills that allow her to excel when working with colleagues, community partners and students. Lanet has left big shoes to fill at Northwestern College, but her talent to build capacity and sustainability will lead to continued success on the campus. Lanet will bring a lot of talent and energy to any organization she is involved with and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.
— Colin Studer
Lanet is an incredibly skilled critical thinker, especially as it relates to improving systems and processes. She is passionate about engagement at all levels of organizations to mirror staff engagement with clients/participants, and able to create solutions as well as address areas of weakness.
— Emily Pripas, YWCA St. Paul
Working side by side with Lanet after the three typhoons had hit the island of Saipan, I watched her rally and motivate her teams to work with consistent vigor and stamina - despite the intense heat, emotional stress and bureaucratic struggles that the workers had to contend with in order to succeed. She was pure leadership and inspired the weary into action day after day.
— Kyle Cold, PeaceCorps Volunteer
Lanet is extremely reliable and extremely competent. She is a hard worker and seeks for excellence in all she does. We worked together for two years and she continually brought to the table- determination, insight, and innovation. She is respected by peers, supervisors, and employees alike. She is a key member of any team.
— Seth Currier, non-profit director
Lanet is a gifted organizer and planner. She did the behind-the-scenes work for an after school enrichment program our department started as a way for pre-service teachers to practice planning, instructing and assessment. Her creativity, strong work ethic and love for learning were a big part of the reason our program was successful. Thanks for your vision and vigilance, Lanet!
— Jolynn Oliver, education professor