What We Offer

What you see below are a few sample services to give you an idea of what we provide. We are always willing to tailor our programs and services to meet unique company needs, as long as this customization fits within our expertise and we feel confident we can deliver a superior service. 

Topical trainings


Sharply focused and highly interactive, these trainings are a great way to start difficult conversations with your younger staff in a way that is approachable and informative. These trainings highlight concerns your company is having with its workforce and provide a space to discuss perceptions, problems, improvements, and changes.

One and two hour sessions are our most popular content.

Sample training:

  • Perception and Experience across Generations

  • Professionalism: What Is It?

  • Tech Perception and use in the workplace

  • Supervising Millennials: Why your manager may be struggling

  • Getting down to it: focus in a busy world

  • Rules: Why they're there and how to work with them

  • Millennial Productivity

  • Authenticity in the Workplace (Oversharing)

  • The Changing Norms of Professional Development

Starting at $150.












Evaluation & Consultation

You know your staff could benefit from the chance to simply connect with each other on a different level. We can provide team building opportunities with a variety of emphases, all designed to loosen your team up and have some fun together. The specific activities utilized will be determined by your focus and the preferences of your group.

Starting at $200. Go to our team building page for more complete information.


Speaking engagements for groups of any size, customized for your particular setting and needs. Contact us directly for more information.

Starting at $200.


Evaluations and Consultations give you the opportunity to receive targeted feedback on your current policies and programs. This service allows you to sit down with the founder in an individual setting and engage key topics that move your company toward a working environment that maximizes its strengths while minimizing the weaknesses. These highly-personalized sessions may include a mixture of dialogue, interactive activities, and planning around the areas your company identifies as most significant and impactful.