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TEAmbuilding services

You know your staff could benefit from the chance to simply connect with each other on a different level. We can solve this problem through team building opportunities with a variety of emphases, all designed to loosen your team up and have some fun together. The specific activities utilized will be determined by your focus and the preferences of your group.

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Intergenerational Perceptions: This workshop will help start the conversation of how generations perceive each other and how their experiences have influenced them. As a result of this session, your staff will gain empathy for the challenges younger staff members experience, understand key areas of struggle across generations, and recognize the supportive role all staff members must play.

Bridging the Generational Gap: Addressing the needs of all staff members is increasingly challenging, especially for those companies than now employ 5 different generations simultaneously. By identifying significant generational differences is workplace values, companies can better adapt to meet the needs of a growing number of young employees. In this session, we will work together to understand changing values, evaluate current practices, and apply this knowledge to improve our practices.

Nailed It: Stepping into the world of professional expectations can be a tremendous challenge for many; this workshop is designed to alleviate stress and prepare your staff for success. We discuss key professionalism expectations in your workplace, along with overarching themes, so that no one is left wondering whether they’ve missed the mark. This workshop covers workplace etiquette, dress expectations, online connections, and much more!

New to Networking: This workshop is designed to help newer networkers feel confident in their first experiences with introducing themselves, sharing their elevator pitches, and reconnecting with contacts in the future. Designed for college students and recent graduates, this course provides an opportunity for individuals to write their pitches, practice introducing themselves, and learn the essentials for networking in the future.

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