What We Offer

Topical trainings


Sharply focused and highly interactive, these trainings are a great way to start difficult conversations with your younger staff in a way that is approachable and informative. Available in a variety of formats, including monthly, quarterly, and annual trainings.

Sample training:

  • Perception and Experience across Generations

  • Professionalism: What Is It?

  • Supervising Millennials: Why your manager may be struggling

  • Getting down to it: focus in a busy world

  • Rules: Why they're there and how to work with them

  • The Changing Norms of Professional Development





You know your staff could benefit from the chance to simply connect with each other on a different level. We can solve this problem through team building opportunities with a variety of emphases, all designed to loosen your team up and have some fun together. The specific activities utilized will be determined by your focus and the preferences of your group.

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Mentor Training

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Individual Consultations

Staff Orientation

New Manager Training