Incentives?! Your paycheck is your incentive!!!

Some of you hear that title and are like "Wow! I didn't realize people still thought that way!" I was the same way the first time I heard someone say that. Then I heard it again. And again. And again.

The reality is, a large number of employers still don't understand that a paycheck itself is not enough to keep your best employees with you. Mediocre employees, maybe. Bad employees, more likely. But your best? Nope. 

Your best employees know their value.

Whether you remind them of it or not, they know the work they accomplish and the value they bring to their organization. And they recognize that the paycheck you are giving them can be gotten a number of different places.

They don't need you.

These employees can easily be hired a number of different places. They can get paychecks similar to yours at all of these. And you know what? Some of these other places offer them more than just a paycheck. 

They offer them great benefits, flexible work time, travel opportunities, autonomy, the chance to be part of a team, natural light in their office, and a host of other perks. 

If you aren't positioning yourself to offer them more, you are positioning yourself to lose them.

It really is that simple.