Simple doesn't mean easy.

Creating an engaged workforce is simple.

It really is. All you need to do to engage your workforce is pay attention to what your staff are experiencing and how that stacks up against what they expected and what they want. After paying attention, you need to make changes so that their desires line up with what you offer. 


But simplicity doesn't necessary mean easy. Think about the lives of people who choose to live without electricity and indoor plumbing and vehicles. They live simply, without outside distractions and thousands of things tugging for their attention.

But that doesn't mean their lifestyle is easy.

When I talk to people about the work I do, they always want to know the tricks I have to create a more engaged workforce. I never share any. Because they don't really exist.

Sure, there's a few small things you can do to see immediate improvements in morale. But that morale won't last if those improvements aren't part of a bigger movement to pay attention to staff as a whole.

But companies want the short cuts. And I understand why; paying attention takes time and resources. It takes energy. It is a constant need. You can't pay attention one month, collect data for changes, and then ignore your staff for a year. That just doesn't work.

So we look for easier ways. 

But I want to encourage you to return to the simple idea of paying attention to staff. Talk with them. Ask questions. Notice their struggles. It won't be easy, but...