Why I started this company

My background is in nonprofit work. Volunteer recruitment. Youth development.  Event planning.

So why strike out on my own with a company all about employee engagement in the for-profit sector? That seems like a switch from doing something with real value to the world to something that's just about the money. It's not.

For me, the switch is simple.

In doing my work with nonprofits, I came to realize the work of engaging employees and helping them see the value and worth of their work was being neglected. And not just by nonprofits.

When we are happy in our work, we are happier in the rest of our lives. We are more joyful, more giving. We more easily see the good in others and seek out the positive. When we are secure in our work, we don't give in to fear as easily. 

Right now, our country could use this. A lot.

So my work with WSS isn't all that different from what I have done in the past. The end goal of a more loving, compassionate, caring society is the same. I am simply choosing a different reference point towards that goal.

Instead of developing the minds of young adults in a nonprofit setting, I am helping older adults see how these minds have been formed and how to tap into the creativity, innovation, empathy, and connectedness that has been grown there. As all these people learn to interact together, they will be happier in their work and overcome their own biases of the other generation.

How amazing would it be if that started to translate to other biases as well?

Instead of analyzing the details of events to better understand where they can be tweaked and improved, I help companies look at their training schedules and content, the details of their communications and interpersonal plans, and their employee workplaces. 

Instead of recruiting volunteers, I help companies understand why people are (or not) choosing to apply for their jobs. And just as importantly, I help companies understand why people aren't sticking around.

Same work. Different lens.