HR Staff Getting it Right

At a recent networking event, the question came up regarding what resources various businesses use in helping their CEOs with goal setting. This particular business had recently taken on a new CEO and wanted to get off on the right foot.  And do you want to hear something great?

They had ideas!

That's right; these businesses had great people in mind to help with the process of setting goals at the executive level. I was so excited to hear this. I all too often find myself frustrated with the intense focus of human resource personnel on regulations and compensation packages. Though I understand the importance of these, I find the lack of focus on interpersonal relationships and professional development disheartening.

But here I was, sitting in a room filled with HR people, hearing name after name thrown out as people who could help with this goal. And not only were there names, I also heard additional strategies for long-term accountability to these goals. It was incredible!

So, well done Minnesota HR staff.

Well done.