Why I post my prices and you should too!

Recently I was part of a Facebook rant about software companies and pricing. The rant went something like this:

Why don't any software companies post their prices?! All they offer is a phone number. So I have to call them up and talk to them for forever about what they do and services they provide. They provide exactly what I am looking for! But then I FINALLY hear the price and it's 5 times what I can afford. What a waste of my time!

Reading through the comments, I see person after person sympathizing and sharing their own story of frustration with software companies, consultants, and trainers. Most companies do not provide pricing online and require a phone call to get even a range of prices.

On the one hand, I get it. The training I provide does have a pretty big range of prices depending on the level of customization, size of the group, and many more factors. And a lot of other companies have the same situation; they can't list clear prices because they fluctuate so extremely. 

Plus there is the very enticing sales benefit to getting someone on the phone. 

But this way of doing business has me thinking of the show, Say Yes to The Dress. If you've seen it, you know that it is a show strictly about helping brides find their perfect wedding dresses. And one of their biggest rules is to never allow a bride to try on a dress that she can't afford. And here's the reason; they are never satisfied after that. They try on a gorgeous dress, love it, and spend the rest of their time trying to find a dress that matches the unachievable standard. And they leave without a dress and unhappy.

That's why I list my baseline price.

I don't want anyone to look at my services, get a feel for what I do, fall in love, and THEN realize they simply cannot afford what I am asking them to pay. How awful! I would feel like such a mean-spirited person doing that to them.

I would also waste a lot more of my time fielding calls from people who will never end up hiring me, wasting my time and theirs.

So, for those of you in businesses that don't traditionally list your prices, please begin to do so. Stop wasting your time and others' time. And don't be that person that provides exactly what someone wants, only to turn them away disheartened and frustrated because they cannot afford you.