There are no tricks to employee engagement

It is time to dispel a myth that many employee engagement consultants would like you to believe. We want to believe that if we just find that one trick, that one special way of interacting, that one program, we will unlock the secret to an engaged workforce that sticks around and is happily productive. 

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but no tricks exist.

I wish they did. And that I could hold that knowledge for people and make them pay big bucks to gain access to it. (What, did you think I would just share it with the world? I'm not THAT altruistic!)

But the truth is that employee engagement is simply long, hard work. It is the process of connecting with humans. Over and over again. No magic tricks. No secret recipe. Just work.

Sure, there are some ways of interacting that can help. I introduce companies to ideas and principles that are valuable. Some types of technology and programs can aid in the process.

But nothing is going to take your staff from disengaged to engaged overnight.

That takes time. 

That takes work.

That takes a lot of listening.

That takes change.

And the process never ends.