Know what motivates you

I've recently joined Tom Salau's Facebook group that focuses on mentoring. It's called Mentors and Mentees if you're interested in checking it out. Today's questions was:

What motivated you to get out of bed today?

Some pretty stellar answers were being shared. People talked about changing the world, spending time with coworkers, and equally valuable reasons. I know I shared something equally "acceptable".

But the reality of what motivated me to get up is actually a lot more mixed. I got out of bed today because...

  1. I need to make money.
  2. I feel guilty staying in bed too long when my BF wakes up before 5.
  3. I have a crazy ingrained sense of responsibility, and can't stomach not following through with commitments.
  4. I don't want to fail.
  5. I love my job.

I am learning to not only be okay with this mix of motivations, but actually embrace them.

When I speak with nonprofits, I bring up the mixed motivation topic a lot. I remind them that volunteers don't just come to them for altruistic reasons, they come for a number of different reasons. And that the nonprofit that can speak to as may of these motivations as possible is going to retain the happiest and most helpful volunteers.

It wasn't until recently that I started to look at that idea of mixed motivation personally.

But it still rings true.

I am motivated by a number of things. Some of them are powerful in their ability to change the world and benefit others. Some of them are powerful simply because they matter to me.

The more I can speak to my multiple motivations, the stronger my will can be. 

I got out of bed this morning for a number of reasons. I continue to work for a number of reasons. And I am starting to cal those out as I recognize them, so I have more tools to use when I need that extra motivation.

What motivates you?