Stop fighting won't win

I substitute teach for a local school districts.

It's my side-hustle.

I do it to keep a steady pay-check (because this work isn't always consistent), but also to keep in touch with Generation Z and the school system. I do a significant amount of work with teachers and high schools, so I like to know what is happening.

In most schools I enter, technology is still being treated as a special privilege.

It is an "extra" and exciting way to learn that isn't actually considered necessary. Yes, most students have I-pads and are using them to submit assignments and do work. Yes, computers are used most days in the classroom. But students are regularly called out for being on social media, for texting friends, for watching YouTube videos, etc.

I think it is time we considered WHY this youngest generation is so connected to people and education through technology, and start embracing it. Start finding ways to use social media for education. Start finding ways to turn our classes into something that is just as exciting as the YouTube videos that always interrupt us. Start figuring out why our employees are choosing to be on their accounts during work hours.

Because we can't keep fighting tech.

Because tech is here to stay. We aren't going to defeat it. And this constant battle to push it down is tiresome. And ineffective.

What do you think?