Mental health breaks even lawyers can do!

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Lawyers are the epitome of busy individuals. 

You work long hours, are constantly available, and are continually compared to others. Sometimes (or often) your life can be incredibly demanding.

So when courses/people try to talk about all of these methods for improving your mental wellbeing, you likely tune them out. And for good reason! Many of these methods are time intensive or impractical given the demands of your day.

Today I offer you just a few tips to improve your mental health and functioning that are designed specifically with your needs in mind:

  1. Pre-task rest. Now, a 10-15 minute nap a couple times a day is ideal for optimal brain function. As that isn't a reality for you (or most people in office settings), taking even a moment or two for a deep breath and a brain-break can drastically improve your overall performance. These short breaks allow your brain to work in ways it simply cannot when it is actively working, allowing you to sift through information and solve problems more completely.
  2. Questioning. When you find your tank running on empty, it can help to ask yourself "Is this activity/task something I find valuable?" before you get started (or while you are doing it). This small reminder of the value of your work can add energy and positivity to your work. If you find you don't think it is valuable, maybe you need to rethink whether that task needs to be on your plate.
  3. Gratitude. Whether you make it a daily practice, or something you turn to when you are really struggling, the practice of gratitude does all sorts of crazy good things for our efficiency as well as our mental health. When practicing gratitude, be as specific with what you are grateful for as possible (I.e. I am thankful for the fall leaves on the tree next to the office rather than I am thankful for fall).

What would you add?