Lawyers and mental health: what's missing?

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Lawyers have been in the spotlight recently for a number of mental health struggles, many of which are underreported and under-treated due to fear of reprisal. It is an unfortunate situation.

As a result of these issues, many bar associations are now requiring a certain amount of continuing legal education on areas of mental health.

That is how I got this course approved for CLE credits.

I started teaching the course because I saw a gap in the training available to lawyers.

You have training that addresses the particulars of law. And you have training that addresses substance abuse, depression, and other mental health issues.

But where is the training that proactively interacts with mental health? The training that helps you, as over-worked individuals, to have a more holistic understanding of your health and how everything plays together to make you the best lawyer?

I found it sadly missing.

So I created it myself.

For those of you who cannot, or will not, attend, here's the key points:

  1. "Work/life balance" is not possible. Lawyers work too many hours for this, and shouldn't feel guilty about it. As long as you have space in your life for everything you value, even if it isn't equal, you are doing just fine.
  2. Stress affects the brain in crazy ways, making you less effective in general. Limiting stress is not just good for your health, but makes you a better lawyer.
  3. You are more productive and effective at certain times of the day. Paying attention to your rhythms and acting based on that is going to help you take care of yourself while maximizing your time.

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