Your most valuable assets are your people. 

Yet only 31% of employees believe their companies provide respectful treatment at all levels.*

Each year, companies lose millions of dollars due to employee and volunteer turnover, poor productivity, and workplace absence. With Millennials soon to make up 75% of the total workforce, these problems are likely to increase for many companies.

We help your younger employees understand their role in company culture, co-create improvement strategies for intergenerational communication, and provide training to help all generations work more cohesively.

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Relational: Time and time again, research is showing that the best way to improve workplace happiness is to improve relationships and have more conversations, whether those be evaluations, coaching sessions, mentoring programs, ongoing feedback, or any number of other conversation methods. Relationship-building is central to engagement. And so, it is central to our work. 

Interactive: We work with our whole bodies, so we think it makes sense to learn with our whole bodies (and research supports us).  Our services are rarely sit-and-listen types of experiences; we engage others in learning through experiential exercises, learning walks, games, music, and a variety of other methods.

Action-Oriented: We want your experience with our company to bring about improvements in yours, and we know that will be more likely to happen if we attach real action items to our services. Trainings will include learning and knowledge, but also clear next steps towards progress.

Contextual: Your company is complex and unique; it is fair and appropriate for you to expect a service that recognizes the specific context within which you work and addresses engagement from that perspective. Our company works from a space of intense curiosity--we want to know everything about you and how you tick. As we learn and understand, your services will be individualized in a way that makes the most sense for you and your company.



Your people are important to you, so it is vitally important that you find the right strategies and solutions for engaging your workforce.  Find out about our company, our mission, and our methods to better gauge whether we are a good fit.

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* Statistic taken from The Society for Human Resource Management Key Findings April 2016.